Saturday, June 7, 2008

Photo Link Fiasco

Sorry about this annoyance brought to you by the idiocy of Facebook:

Apparently all the links I have posted to photo albums on Facebook are gone now! Facebook lets you make an album "public" and gives you a link you can give people. The catch they never mentioned is that that links disappeared after a few weeks and just lead to an error message and asks you to join Facebook. Apparently Facebook doesn't really want any of the content I choose to share to really be public--they want you to see the album and sign up for Facebook so they can advertise you to death! Social networking sites are nice for keeping in touch with people, but sometimes they can be so annoying in trying to force how you use their site. I personally blame Mark Zuckerberg for this arrogant, idiotic, penny-wise-pound-foolish scheme!

So in summary, none of the links to old photos on this blog are working anymore. I'll be taking my links (and their add revenue) to Google, but it may take a while to get all the photo album links up again. Sorry!


joannabug said...

Google's Picasa is great, really easy to use, I think you'll like it!

Anonymous said...

Please keep us posted on the new site for photos.
I think I understood you to say that the photos are still there, but the links don't work--? Of course to me that is the same as not being there at all.
I don't know picasa, but have heard "smugmug" is good. Whatever, please let us know!
Thanks! ~~ Anna Marie