Monday, November 27, 2006

Welcome to Jonathan's Gridbook Notes

This new "Gridbook Notes" site is meant to be a personal page to accompany The Gridbook Blog. The original gridbook site has grown into a page focused on essays, and hopefully a place for interesting discussion on life, medicine, and culture. While essays on the Gridbook Blog are sometimes personal in nature they aim to be thought-provoking even to those who don't know me personally.

I have really enjoyed The Gridbook Blog and greatly appreciate all who have commented and read the essays. I have often considered posting other notes such as personal stories, interesting pages, and photos of family and friends (the sorts of things found on most blogs) but have refrained because I didn't want to dilute the essay site with "personal stuff" that would be of no interest to most people. The one exception is the recent post on Gridbook on my wife's birthday, after posting this I realized I needed another site so that the essay blog doesn't end up just being a personal journal.

So Gridbook Notes will be my place for posting everything else I would like to share. If you don't know me personally you would likely not find anything here interesting and would probably prefer the original Gridbook Blog. Otherwise, come on in and have a look. I hope to be posting more in the near future.