Sunday, August 26, 2007

Covenant College needs help!

If you are unfamiliar with Covenant College you can ignore this post, but if you care at all about the place at all please read:

Covenant has made a grave mistake: the administration has claimed the right to censor all student publications, including "The Bagpipe" the campus newspaper. This document (sent to me by Covenant administration in response to an inquiry) explains the new policy in which faculty "advisors" are now required to act as censors of student publications. All articles must get have permission of the advisor before it is printed, and the advisor can even shut down the publication in order to control "inappropriate" speech.

The stifling effect this could have on free and open discourse would be disastrous for an academic institution. One of Covenant's greatest strengths has been that it has been both seriously and sincerely Christian while encouraging uncensored free thought and discussion on all topics. Now Covenant is in danger of becoming the sort of authoritarian "all Christian students should think the same" type of college that gives Christian education a bad name. Covenant faculty appear to be fighting this as well, but the administration doesn't appear interested in changing. I have Covenant's diploma hanging on my wall. I have always been proud of it, but this raises serious doubts about the direction the college is going.

If you are at all associated with Covenant College as an alumni, a student, or a member of the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) please email Covenant ( and let them know that such an ill-advised policy endangers destroying the environment that has made the school great.

You can also sign the online petition here. Password to edit is "freedom"

(click on image for larger view)

The Integrator was a satirical superhero cartoon that I drew for the Bagpipe from 1998-2000. Feel free to email or copy the image to any Covenant related sites in order to spread the word.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Update on life:

I started a one month job working as a temporary doc in a clinic that is short a doctor about an hour from Athens. I was pretty nervous about my first post-residency work, but I'm really enjoying being back in medicine now. It looks like next month I'll probably be working in an ER which will open up a whole new spectrum of practice.

Otherwise life here goes well. It is a bit stressful doing the never-ending work to get our old house in order. We have loved having many friends and my brother come and visit. It is also nice to live so close to the Drakes and Okies. Rather than losing old friends, we regain them!

Monday, August 6, 2007


We got back on US soil on Thursday night. We were happy to go and happy to return: I suppose that is how traveling should be. I return to the US now able to proudly say, "I've eaten squids boiled in ink." (An enriching experience that can only be found in southern Spain)

So now we are back home in Athens, Georgia, aiming for something like a normal life. I am looking into a job that I might be able to start next week. More on that later...