Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sorry for the recent lack of info coming from this direction. I know that The Gridbook Blog has been quite sparse recently. I don't mean to leave it un-updated for so long.

We have some exciting new news. We have a home in Athens, Ga. Hopefully closing next week. It has enough space that we should be able to welcome many of you into our home!

In the mean time we have been living in New Hope B&B here since our house sold. We are paying the monthly rate which is actually not bad. We also love the folks that run this fine home.

A few weekends ago Joya went on her first backpaking trip. She did great. She and I went with Chris, John and Hannah.

Brian and Scharlie couldn't make it because of the exiting arrival of Samuel Jonathan Carlisle.

Well, that is life right now. One month left in residency....