Monday, January 7, 2008

SEC Football!

Another beautiful night for SEC football in the BCS Championship! Reminds me of last year when once again an over-ranked Ohio State team was demolished in the Championship Game by a team that just barely made it through a brutal season in the SEC.

I only wish that Georgia could have done the honors this year instead of LSU! I think Georgia was actually playing better than LSU at the end of the season. We certainly showed it by humbling the unbeaten highest scoring Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl. How 'bout them Dawgs!

The final rankings just came out: number one and two for 2007 LSU and Georgia, both SEC schools.

The SEC has yet to lose a Championship since the BCS. The BCS is a joke and stacked against teams from harder conferences like the SEC, but isn't it beautiful to see our teams get in there and demolish other conferences? At least we can enjoy these games until college football wakes up and puts together some sort of playoff. Wouldn't it be great to see Georgia, USC, Kansas, West VA, and LSU keep playing to decide who really is the best team in the nation?

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