Monday, January 8, 2007

SEC Football!

Just watched the National Championship game. You just have to love SEC football! The SEC team with one loss that narrowly won many other games came in the underdogs. The Big Ten team comes in undefeated and supposedly invincible. People said Florida didn't even have a right to be in the game.

In the end the SEC team absolutely decimated the "invincible" number one team. Surprise! This always happens. Some teams in weaker conferences get immaculate records, while SEC teams rack up losses playing in the world's strongest conference. Head-to-head SEC teams usually win. It's no coincidence every time an SEC team has been put in the BCS championship game they've won.

It's time for the BCS to be replaced with a playoff. Until that happens the only way to legitimately prove a national champ is to put the SEC Champs in the BCS championship game every year. Wouldn't it be great getting to watch the SEC champs dominate some undefeated "invincible" team every January?

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JD said...

Yes, I know it's partisan ranting, but hey tonight SEC football gets a little deserved respect.

With Michigan's bowl performance it kind of makes the Big Ten "Game of the Century" earlier this year a joke.