Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Our Christmas Card

Here is this year's Christmas Card. Lots of people (particularly my friends, since I am so bad at keeping up with addresses) might not have gotten it. So here it is (minus the fancy paper):

Our news this year is that Joya started law school at Campbell University School of Law in August. We moved her to a little house in NC (35 miles South of Raleigh), and she dived into Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, Property and Legal Research & Writing. It's intense but she loves it!

Jonathan remains in Kingsport, TN finishing his residency (only six more months to go!!) and through the amazing hospitality and open home of our friends, Luke and Melissa, we meet halfway each weekend in Winston-Salem. We've got one more semester of juggling 3 homes. Then Jonathan will move to NC to practice until Joya graduates in 2009, and we will once again attempt a normal life (although, it's been said that "normal" is just a setting on your dryer).

We know how blessed we are to know you and have you as our friends. Thank you for the love and grace you've offered us and for the knowledge of your constant friendship. It's not ideal that we are only in touch with some of you at Christmas but it's better than never to let you know we thought of you this year with smiles on our faces.


Anonymous said...

I need your dryer. Mine's too hard to understand. Miss yall! Becca N

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays Joya and Jonathan! Joya, what fantastic news to hear you're in Law School! Congratulations! And Jonathan, you lucky dog...done in 6 months?! I could only dream...... :)