Monday, October 15, 2007

Gridbook Blog turns 50!

The Gridbook Blog is now 50 posts old. It was almost a year and half ago when I began this experiment of putting my private thoughts on-line in the form of essays.

I know that 50 posts isn't usually that big a deal in the blog world, but while I am by no means a prolific blogger, these posts really do capture the best of my heart and mind. It really is amazing to look through the archives and realize that this page has become an anthology all my significant thoughts. I doubt anyone has actually read all 50 posts (other than my wife) but it is good to know that I have these essays out there. The site has sort of become a record of my life's work.

With so many posts I have changed up the Table of Contents. I hope it will make it more easier to browse the essays. Let me know if you think the old table of contents was better.

And since I have so intimately tied my online identity to the type of paper I on which used to keep my journals (when googling the word "gridbook" 4 of the top 5 results go to my sites) I have decided to create a homepage: The Gridbook. It is a place I can link all the things I have on the web.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and linking. I'll stop tooting my own horn now.

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Miss O said...

Congrats on your 50th :-) I only started reading recently. Your wife is my cousin. :-) Keep writing. I am enjoying the ride.