Thursday, October 11, 2007

An ER doctor

So it is odd that after 3 years of training for primary care I find myself suddenly an Emergency Room doctor. It certainly isn't exactly where I had expected to be. I had thought I might moonlight in an ER part time, but when I didn't find the right primary care practice to join here I decided to try out full-time in the ER.

I'm working in a little ER not too far from Athens. I'm learning a lot and it always keeps me on my toes. It really is a fascinating process taking care of people in an ER setting. I would say I am well trained for the kind of things I see in a small town ER, but the mindset of ER medicine (what could hurt or kill this person in the next 24 hours?) is a fascinating shift in thinking.

I don't expect to do ER forever, but I am enjoying it now. It is an excellent way to keep up my emergency and critical skills. I expect I will eventually find a primary care job. For right now I am keeping up my primary care skills by working in a free clinic here in town.

More news to come...

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