Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Sorry for no posts for a while. Affordable internet connection is hard to find as a tourist.

Since we left Sienna we have been to Cinqua Terra national park in Italy where we stayed in Vernazza and hiked the coast. Then we went to France in order to be distained by French people. Actually most French were quite nice, but the rude ones certainly know how to leave an impression. We stayed in Arles the town where Van Gogh did a lot of his painting. Really pleasant little city.

Today we arrived in Spain, the last leg of our journey before we head home. After almost 3 weeks of traveling we are really looking forward to home. We just checked in here in Barcelona, a very bustling and crowded city. I think we are finding that the smaller towns are more our favorite places to really experience the different cultures of Europe.

Well, not too long before we are headed home. The comfort of home sounds nice these days.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jonthan,
I'm really looking forward to seeing some pictures from the trip! Oh, and I gotta here more about this train ride!
See you soon.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan and Joya! Hope that you are enjoying your last few days of your adventure. We miss you and can't wait to cross paths again. Talk to you soon!