Sunday, March 18, 2007

Switching to a Mac

So this is the first post I'm doing with my new laptop. I've had a few buggy Microsoft machines in the last few years so I thought I would try something different instead of Vista. Linux still seems like a bit too much work for someone with my rather basic computing needs so I decided to give Apple a try. Several friends who have Macs swear they never display those nasty habits of the cranky computers I'm used to.

So here I sit, up way too late playing with my refurbished macbook. Right now I'm working through a few mild frustrations of platform switching, but no major hang-ups. Time will tell if I've become a victim of clever marketing and fashion, or I've discovered the secret to worry-free computing...

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Jasmin said...

Hi, thanks for the birthday wishes. What I wouldn't give to have a Mac as a b-day present!

Ha! I can't imagine that I'd be making anyone else too nervous to talk to least I hope not. I don't know if I'll post anything about the book on my blog, but I can email you a synopsis/excerpt if you'd like.

Good luck with moving! I know it can be stressful.