Monday, February 12, 2007

Reading Blogs

Google is doing all the great stuff for the internet these days! If you like to read blogs (like The Gridbook Blog or Gridbook Notes ...hint, hint, nudge, nudge) or other pages that are updated irregularly you really should look into Google Reader. It can help you avoid checking a site 5 times and finding no updates, or forgetting to check for a few months and finding more than you are able to read.

It sends you the update to the web pages you read in a box like your mailbox. In fact, you can stick it to your Google home page right beside you g-mail inbox. Now it is in Google Labs which means it is officially experimental, but I've been using it for several weeks and really like it. If Google keeps improving the ease of internet stuff my parents might have web sites some day.

Yes, I know I've identified myself as a techie nerd, but hey after this much post-graduate education the nerdliness was sort of getting obvious.

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